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Oracle SQL Expert Certification Training Course Online or CD

Our training for Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert demonstrates the ability to use SQL statements, tools, and functions to retrieve and manipulate database information. This includes mastering SELECT statements, conversion functions, group functions, using table joins, INSERTs, and using sub queries. Acheiving this credential shows that you possess the techincal skills and knowledge of data retrieval and manipulation to control user access, manage schema objects, and manage tables using DLL statements.

Our Training Includes
unlimiited access  24 x 7 Unlimited Online Access
multi media lessons Full Multi Media Lessons
exercises  Simulated Exercises to test ones understanding.
review questions Review Questions to test ones retention
http://www.netwind.com/assets/images/greencheck.jpg Printable Transcripts of Lessons

Certification Path
 1Z0-047 Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert

Course Outline

  • Using SQL to Query Your Database
  • Conversion Functions, Group Functions, and Joins
  • Subqueries, Set Operators, and Data Manipulation
  • Using DDL, Views, Sequences, Indexes, and Synonyms
  • Controlling User Access and Managing Schema Objects
  • Data Dictionary Views and Large Data Sets
  • Managing Data in Different Time Zones
  • Using Subqueries and Regular Expressions

To earn a certification from Oracle you must also complete a hands-on class from Oracle. Please check Oracle's website for any changes