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SAP SRM Supplier Relationship Management Training Course

Included in the Business Suite 7 for End User Bundle
This course will allow you to perform procurement and sourcing transactions using SRM Applications.Supplier relationship management (SRM) involves collaboration with suppliers that are crucial to the success of an enterprise. The goal of Supplier Relationship Management is to maximize the value of the collaborative relationships with suppliers. SAP SRM represents a strategic approach to procurement and supply that is tightly integrated with other components of the SAP Business Suite. This course provides an overview of the concept of SRM and leads into detailed content concerning SAP's approach to Supplier Relationship Management. The course introduces two main components: Procurement and Sourcing. Some of the more common concepts such as requisitions, order management and receipt, as well as supplier sourcing are described in some detail.

Supplier Relationship Management Training Includes
Multi media lessons Interactive full multi media training lessons
practice exercises Course contains interactive exercises to practice one's skills
review questions Review Questions
sap  software not needed for training Does not require SAP software
transctipts can be printed Printable transcripts of all lessons

Lesson Objectives for Business Suite 7 SRM tutorial course:

  • Recognize the steps in the  procurement process
  • Recognize the benefits of using SRM
  • Recognize the procedure for displaying a shopping cart
  • Select suppliers who would benefit from using Supplier Self-service to process orders
  • Recognize the procedure for confirming receipt of goods
  • Perform procurement transactions using SRM applications
  • Recognize how SRM is used during supplier identification
  • Identify procedures for managing vendor groups
  • Distinguish between supplier negotiation applications
  • Recognize the procedure for evaluating a vendor
  • Determine the preferred bidder given a scenario
  • Perform sourcing transactions using applications