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Microsoft MCTS Certification Training for .NET 4.0 C# (C-Sharp)  

Netwind Learning Center Developers library for Microsoft.NET and Java is designed to provide the IT professional with a vast collection of programming training courses to fulfill their current and future training needs. Designed to provide training for Certification or for knowledge base, our Developer Library includes the ability to be used as a technical library by using the Search option for specific topics. Perfect for the programmer who is looking for that new job by having access to complete line of courses to fulfill the requirement of having knowledge of a specific languages.

Our Training Includes
 Full Multi-media interactive tutorials
 Hands-on Labs - a perfectly simulated, real-world environment to test skills without risk. 
 Practice Exams - Simulated certification exams designed to validate exam readiness.
 Online Instructor  Mentoring 
Mentoring provides personal access to our talented corps of expert instructors in a unique collaborative environment. Students can correspond  with the Instructor Team 24x7.

Includes training for MCTS  exams:

  • 70-536
  • 70-502
  • 70-503
  • 70-504
  • 70-505
  • 70-561
  • 70-562

Course Outline
Microsoft .NET Framework: Application Development Foundation with Visual Basic MCTS 70-536

  • System Types and Collections
  • Serialization and I/O
  • Customized Programming
  • Security
  • Threading, Service Processing, and Application Domains
  • Diagnostics and Management

Windows Workflow Foundation Application Development MCTS 70-504

  • Creating, Hosting, and Communication in WF
  • Activities, Rules, and Conditions in WF
  • Transactions, Compensations, and Runtime Services in WF

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Forms Application Development Exam 70-505

  • Windows Forms Creation
  • Data Integration
  • Printing, MDI Forms, and Usability
  • Custom Controls and Asynchronous Programming
  • Application Configuration and Deployment
  • Database Environments and XML Handling

ADO.NET Application Development with Visual Basic 2008 Exam 70-561

  • Getting Started With ADO.NET Connections and Commands
  • Managing ADO.NET Connections and Commands with VB 2008
  • Getting Started with DataSets using Visual Basic 2008
  • Viewing and Navigating Data with ADO.NET DataSets using Visual Basic 2008
  • Updating ADO.NET DataSets With Visual Basic 2008
  • Using Query Notifications and Synchronizing Data with Visual Basic 2008
  • The ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ

ASP.NET Application Development with Visual Basic 2008 Exam 70-562

  • Developing Web Applications
  • Creating and Consuming Server Controls
  • Data and Services Integration
  • ASP.NET AJAX and Client-Side Scripting
  • XML and Mobile Web Applications
  • Configuring and Deploying Web Application
  • Debugging, Tracing, and Monitoring ASP.NET Applications
  • Optimization and Customization

Windows Communication Foundation with VB 2008 Exam 70-503

  • Getting Started with WCF
  • WCF Contracts, Behaviors, and Data Management
  • Securing and Managing a WCF Application

Windows Presentation Application Development Foundation with Visual Basic 2008 Exam 70-502

  • Creating WPF Applications
  • Creating User Interfaces with WPF
  • WPF Content Creation and Management
  • WPF Databinding
  • Customizing and Deploying WPF Applications