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AutoCAD 2006  Training Course 2D and 3D  

The AutoCAD 2006 training covers 2D Basics  and Advance for Autocad 2006 and AutoCAD 2006 LT and 3D. No separate training for 2006 LT.
With approximately 10 hours of training tutorials our AutoCAD 2006 course covers everything you will need to know to work efficiently with all of AutoCAD 2006's tools. Lessons are organized by starting with basic concepts and going through to the advanced levels.
Among other topics, this training takes the user through the software's functionality including drawing set-up, drawing accurately, modification commands, layer control, blocks, annotation, display commands, external references, paper space/layouts and plotting.
Detailed tutorials reinforce learning through a comprehensive look at applying these tools in a working session.
AutoCAD 2006 commands are covered thoroughly teaching you to construct three dimensional drawings as well. The 3D tutorials keeps the user focused on numerous menu commands and features such as applying the USC, setting your 3D views, drawing & editing in 3D, as well as uncovering some of AutoCAD's best functionality.

Training Time
10 hours of on screen training - 
6 Levels

AutoCAD 2006 Training Tutorial Course
Level 1
User Interface
Display Tools
Sheet Set-Up
Drawing Accurately
Level 2
Selecting Sets
Editing Tools
Draw & Edit Tutorial
Level 3
Drawing Templates
External References (Xrefs)
Level 4
Level 5
Plotting (CBT vs STB)
AutoCAD Tutorial
3D Views
Level 6
3D Draw and Edit
3D Tutorial