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Oracle DBA Certification Training Course for 10G Upgrade Path for Administrators

This course is designed for those who are already Oracle 9i certified who would like to upgrade to Oracle Database 10g certification. Our training covers the new features that administrators will need when working within the Oracle 10g database environment. Validate the skills, knowledge and expertise in a variety of features such as the new storage features, management infrastructure, and the new backup and recovery features

Our Training Includes
unlimiited access  24 x 7 Unlimited Online Access
multi media lessons Full Multi Media Lessons
exercises  Simulated Exercises to test ones understanding.
review questions Review Questions to test ones retention
http://www.netwind.com/assets/images/greencheck.jpg Printable Transcripts of Lessons

Certification Path

  • Exam 1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional Upgrade Path

Training  Course Outline
1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators

  • New Installation and Configuration Features
  • New Data Loading Features
  • New Automatic Management and Management Infrastructure Features
  • New Resource, Scheduling, and Task-Management Features
  • New Space Management Features
  • New Storage Features
  • New Tuning, Performance-monitoring, and Analysis Features
  • New Backup and Recovery Features
  • Using Flashback
  • New Features in Security and Software Maintenance
  • New Features in VLDB Support
  • Miscellaneous New Features
To earn a certification from Oracle you must also complete a hands-on class from Oracle. Please check Oracle's website for any changes.