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Linux Training Courses for Certification LPI and CompTIA Linux+ - Live Boot Camp Classes,  

GIMIT Learning center offers an extensive line of Linux training courses to fill everyone's training needs. Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Developed under the GNU General Public License , the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone.  Typically all the underlying source code can be used, freely modified, and redistributed, both commercially and non-commercially, by anyone under licenses such as the GNU General Public License.

In 1991, in Helsinki, Linus Torvalds began a project that later became the Linux kernel. It was initially a terminal emulator, which Torvalds used to access the large UNIX servers of the university. He wrote the program specifically for the hardware he was using and independent of an operating system because he wanted to use the functions of his new PC with an 80386 processor. Development was done on MINIX using the GNU C compiler, which is still the main choice for compiling Linux today (although the code can be built with other compilers, such as the Intel C Compiler).[citation needed]

Despite being open-source, their are companies who sell Linux.. These companies, most of which are also members of the Open Source Development Lab, invest substantial resources into the advancement and development of Linux, in order to make it suited for various application areas. This includes hardware donations for driver developers, cash donations for people who develop the operating system software, and the employment of  programmers at the company. Some examples are IBM and HP, which use Linux on their own servers, and Red Hat, which maintains its own distribution.

There are many version of the operating system that can be found today

  • RedHat
  • SUSE
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware

just to name a few. All of the above are based on different kernels.
We also offer Linux Boot Classes Nationally

CompTIA Linux+ Certification   
This training course is for Professionals who want to certify their technical knowledge in basic installation, operation and troubleshooting for Linux operating systems should consider this certification. The skills and knowledge measured by this examination were developed with global input to assure accuracy, validity and reliability. Earning the CompTIA Linux+ designation means that the candidate can explain fundamental open source resources/licenses, demonstrate knowledge of user administration, understand file permissions/software configurations and manage local storage devices and network protocols.

LPI Linux Certification Training
A widely-recognized Linux certification ensures that IT professionals have a means of demonstrating their Linux skills to potential employers while assuring customers that they are receiving knowledgable support.

The easiest way to gain corporate, governmental, and institutional support and usage of Linux is to ensure that there is a recognized support system in place. This includes professionally accredited support services and an industry recognized skills standard