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SAP Administration Training Courses

Included in the SAP Project Team Bundle
SAP Administration tasks are essential to ensuring optimum performance and security in an SAP system. This course introduces the most common tasks for System Administrators,, including work process configuration, error investigation, and system monitoring, as well as user management, role assignment, and other tasks necessary to ensure the security of information within in the system.

Administration curriculum tutorials :
interactive lessons Interactive full multi media training lessons
practice exercises Course contains interactive exercises to practice one's skills
review questions Review Questions
no software required to view training Does not require SAP software
printable lessons Printable transcripts of all lessons

Your tutorials will teach you to :

  • Identify which monitoring tool will allow you to examine a given type of information
  • Recognize which status the Process Overview screen will display for a work process in a given situation
  • Recognize how to configure a work process in a given scenario
  • Iidentify which column in the User List screen provides a given type of information
  • Recognize how to terminate a user session using the User Overview monitor
  • Learn how to customize a system log report to display specified messages for particular servers, in a given scenario
  • Learn which color codes represent the various system log message types
  • Recognize how to access a specified list of errors using the Runtime Error monitor
  • Recognize how to access specific information from the short dump
  • Identify the section of the short dump that provides a given type of information
  • Use monitoring tools to address system performance issues in given scenarios
  • Use monitoring tools to access information about system events in given scenarios
  • Rcognize how to create a new user in SAP R/3
  • Perform key steps to change a user's password in SAP R/3
  • Recognize the security features provided by roles and profiles in SAP R/3
  • Create and assign roles and profiles to SAP R/3 users in a given scenario
  • Set up a user in the SAP R/3 system, in a given scenario
  • Associate a role to an SAP R/3 user in a given scenario