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Service Center

RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer)                                                             Duration : 3 Months

o Setting Up a Network.
o Overview of Networking.
o Setting up LAN Hardware.
o Overview of Network Component.
o File Server
. Goals of setting up a File Server.
. Setting up an NFS File Server in Red Hat Linux.
. Setting up a SAMBA file Server in Red Hat Linux.
. Understanding FTP Server.
. Understanding the Vsftp Service.
. Transfer the file between Linux to windows.
o Accessing and Running Application in Network Environment
. Telnet Configuration.
. Running XWindows Application
. Connecting a Public Server.
. Setting up a domain Name System
. Getting more Information about BIND.
. Configure DHCP Server.
. Configure DHCP Client.
o Print Server
. Setting up Printer.
. Managing Printer Linux to Windows.
. Configure Print server.
o Proxy Server
. Setting up Red Hat Linux as a Proxy Server.
. Setting up Proxy clients.
. Connection between Linux to Windows.
o Apache Server
. Introduction to Apache.
. Configure the Apache Server.
. Starting and stopping the Server.
o QMail Server
. Introduction to SMTP an Send mail.
. Installing and Running Send mail
. Introducing POSTFIX.
. Getting Mail from the Server(pop3)
o Computer Security Issues
. Hacker Versus Cracker.
. Using Password Protection.
. Protecting your Network with Firewalls.