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AutoCAD P&ID 2011 Training Tutorials Course    

Our AutoCAD P&ID 2011 Training Course consists of over 53 individual, instructor-led to help you become familiar with the program structure and the indispensable features of AutoDesk P&ID software. You'll learn about creating and editing P&ID components, annotations and tags, plotting and reporting, and more, with this 3 hour tutorial program.

This training package includes an additional 12 additional hours of training for AutoCAD 2011 Essentials, which consists of over 200 video-based lessons on DVD.

AutoCAD P&ID 2011 Training Course covers the following topics
Getting Started 
Welcome Screen 
Welcome Back Screen 
P&ID and AutoCAD Similarities 
P&ID Environment 
P&ID Help System 
P&ID Workspaces

Project Management
Creating a New Project 
Project Structure 
Project Manager 
Creating a New Drawing 
Organizing Project Drawings 
Copying Drawings 
Removing and Linking Drawings 
Opening and Closing Projects 
Project Templates

P&ID Components
About P&ID Components
P&ID Tool Palettes
Adding Equipment
Adding Pipe Lines
Working with Pipe Line Groups
Adding Hand Valves
Adding Control Valves
Adding Fittings
Instruments and Instrument Lines
Adding Non-Engineering Items

Editing P&ID Components
Working with Grips 
Substitution Pallets 
Schematic Line Editing 
Modifying Valves 
Editing Using AutoCAD Commands

Annotations and Tags
About Annotations and Tags 
Adding Tags to Components 
Adding Annotations to Drawings 
Editing Annotations

Data Management
Data Manager 
Data Table Tools 
P&ID Drawing Tools 
Printing and Exporting Tools 
Importing and Validating Changes

Plotting and Reporting
Working with Reports 
Validation Settings 
Validating a Project 
Plotting Drawings

Project General Settings
Accessing Project Setup 
Project Setup Functionality 
Adding Project Details 
Adding Drawing Properties 
Creating Custom Reports 
Creating a File Name Format 
P&ID Project Drawing Settings