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Netwind Learning Center Training Features

Cisco and Microsoft Learning Credits

Cisco® Learning Credits offer the unrivaled ability to purchase, redeem and manage Cisco® authorized training. Learning Credits may be added to your purchase order when ordering other Cisco® products or purchased separately.
Each Cisco® Learning Credit (sold in packs of 10, 100, 500 and 1500) pays for US $100 worth of Cisco training and enables you and your organization to:

  • Secure training budget up front and prepay in the form of credits at time of product purchase or separately
  • Reduce the time, effort, and expense of generating multiple purchase orders for training
  • Purchase training when and where through authorized Cisco Learning Partners
  • Pay for Cisco Online Live Courses
  • We accept Cisco Learning Credit for our Cisco online Live courses.
  • Credits must be redeemed 72 hours before their expiration date. If your Cisco Credits expire you make a request to Cisco  Systems to have your credits extended for six (6) months.

We accept Microsoft  Learning Credit for Microsoft's online courses for server applications and Microsoft.NET. Each credit is worth $100.00 towards the purchase of a collection of courses

 Self Paced CD-ROM, DVD or Online Training
Netwind Learning Center offers over 300 courses for IT and Office professionals.
We offer training for the following vendors:

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • AutoDesk
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • PMI
  • SAP
  • Six Sigma
  • Sun

Our online mentoring services are unparalleled in the e-learning industry.
Expert Mentors are available online to provide support, guidance and encouragement to learners. Our instructor mentor's team holds over 1,000 certifications and accreditations.

Netwind Learning Center  offers online mentoring for over 100 current major certification exams for IT professionals and end user technologies, including such vendors as Microsoft, Cisco, ComptTIA, Oracle, (ISC)², ASQ, and Project Management Institute. Popular mentored certification topics include Microsoft networking, database technologies, Office, and .NET; Cisco CCENT, CCNA, and CCNP; CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+; Oracle OCA and OCP Database Administrator; (ISC)²'s CISSP; ASQ's Six Sigma, Project Management Institute's PMP; and IT Service Management.

Live Chat
Learners may engage mentors in real-time, online chats to ask a question, confirm understanding of a new topic or request additional information on a difficult subject.

Email My Mentor 
The Email My Mentor service enables learners to seek detailed guidance from mentors on in-depth queries. Our mentors ensure that learners receive answers to complex questions and provide support, guidance, and encouragement during their studies.
24 x 7 -  at anytime day or night you are just a mouse click away for help during your training with us.

 Printable Transcripts
Most of our courses have the unique feature of incorporating transcripts for all the lessons for easy review. Transcripts are available throughout the training and can be brought up with a simple mouse click.

 Virtual Labs
Real Experience in a Virtual Environment

There's no substitute for real experience.  Virtual labs enable users to go beyond a static demonstration or simulation, to experiment and make mistakes working with live equipment.  In a virtual lab, learners master their hardware and software skills in a real, remote environment.
vLabs provide an environment that can mirror almost any hardware or software configuration – even custom environments or proprietary application modules – to meet your specific sales training, classroom education, and IT certification requirements.   Our e-Learning modules support all major Cisco®, Microsoft®, CompTIA®, and Linux® certifications.  
Risk Free Technology Training
 vLabs enhance learners' skills using risk-free networking hardware and software. No need to put your own infrastructure at risk when training your staff.  If they get stuck, they can restore systems without the time-consuming and dangerous rework necessary on actual systems.

Inquire which courses vlabs are available for.
Knowledge Centers

Netwind Learning Center KnowledgeCenter is a pre-packaged, user-friendly learning portal that allows learners instant access to trusted, targeted content. Each KnowledgeCenter includes material specifically chosen to help learners build knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assets include Books24x7 Referenceware; access to our courseware organized into Learning Roadmaps that make it easy for learners to locate and use the most appropriate courses for their needs, simulations (through SkillSims, practice labs, or the Project Center), expert mentoring services (for IT KnowledgeCenters and the PMI KnowledgeCenter); and featured topic spotlights, refreshed regularly, to provide an in-depth focus on particular topical areas

KnowledgeCenters make it fast and easy for learners to locate and take advantage of essential topic-oriented content. The more efficiently learners can access the information they need, the faster they can apply that knowledge to their jobs

KnowledgeCenters include:
Targeted reference materials

Each KnowledgeCenter provides a wealth of performance resources to help answer ongoing questions to keep your work force up to date in the specific subject area. Resources include integrated online books from Books24x7, with titles recommended by SkillSoft subject matter experts; current, pertinent articles; listings of relevant SkillSoft courses; job aids, SkillBriefs and other reference material appropriate to the subject area of the particular KnowledgeCenter.

KnowledgeCenters contain applicable reference materials including featured topic spotlights and challenges that are refreshed on a regular basis to provide developers an in-depth look at different topical areas.
Fresh, current content

An ongoing refresh of KnowledgeCenter content – from current articles to new Referenceware resources to fresh and challenging exercises – make KnowledgeCenters the resource that professionals return to for daily performance support and the ongoing advancement of their skills and knowledge. SkillSoft's consistent, industry-leading investment in developing new and current learning resources ensures that KnowledgeCenters provide current, in-depth learning resources for critical business initiatives and for major IT development technologies.

 IT Pro Library
Why ITPro?
ITPro provides the ultimate in productivity, learning and reference for technology professionals. With more time and effort spent on ineffective Web searches and unsuccessful research roundups, ITPro provides critical technical information easier and faster. Users receive in-depth insight into the most current technologies, programs and practices for elevated strategic decision-making and evaluation. This award-winning collection takes you to the next level in flexibility, performance and responsiveness by granting unlimited access to a vast array of trusted content.
What's in ITPro?
ITPro provides anytime, anywhere access to the broadest and deepest information repository possible. It offers the complete, unabridged contents of thousands of books, documents and other reference materials that span the spectrum of technology topics, including:

  • Business & Culture
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Computer Science
  • Databases
  • Desktop & Office Applications
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Hardware
  • Oracle Technologies
  • IBM Technologies
  • Networks & Protocols
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet & Web Development
  • Price $1100.00 Call for more information