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Service Center

For The Students

Normal Errors in Industrial Training
01. Fake working Letters by the students.
02. Gaining no experience during this period.
03. Wasting most of the time in unproductive work
Opportunity Cost of the Industrial Training
01. Continuous demand of professional courses required by the companies.
02. Required ready made professional by the industry.
03. Industry Enhanced Skills.
How it is helpful to the students?
01. Students pay heavy training fees to the commercial training institutes and gaining theoretical training by the most of the training institutes.        So, they get good discount on the fees and cover all practical training by the expert trainers.
02. Students will get advance training material under their College premises.
03. 100% practical oriented Training.
How it is helpful to college?
01. Getting 100% productive students, which can be placed easily?
02. Good placements will always give good recognition in the industry.
03. Students will train on actual scenarios demanded by the companies.
04. Monitory Benefit of the College. (Student go outside the college and pay the fees  to the training institutes for these skills. However, in this scenario college  candidates are paying fees directly to your college.)
How we can help
01. We provide in house professional program during Six Months.
02. Training on Advanced Skills as per the standard of the companies.
03. Students will get equipped with latest professional programs under the expert  advice of corporate requirement.
• The infrastructure, fooding lodging of the faculties & GIMIT members will be provided by the college and Training material, Trainers and Training Methodologies will be provided by GIMIT.