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CompTIA Security+ Training Certification Course    

CompTIA Security+ training course certification certifies the competency of security professionals working in the IT industry. The theft or destruction of information or the disruption of communication resources can result in not only lost time and revenue, but also an irreparable loss of confidence by clients and customers. The ability of computer networks to remain functional continuously for only their intended users has been a necessity to business. Professionals who have Security+ training , who have demonstrated the ability to respond to human and organizational weaknesses by passing the CompTIA tests, and who have had instruction in cryptography, communication security, can use real -world tools, understand the infrastructure, and haven't just studied  brain dumps will demand the respect of the IT industry. Your success in our training course  will result in not only passing the certification exam, but also success against those who would steal, destroy, or disable your business. Start your certification training today! This course is part of the DOD 8570 requirement.

Understanding the types of threats that exist in an IT infrastructure is incredibly important when you are attempting to control access to network assets and secure an internetwork environment. This course examines control types, authentication, authorization, and access control strategies, along with the various types of malware, social engineering and spam/phishing attacks that a network can face. This course helps prepares the learner to write the CompTIA Security+ Certification SYO-301.

CompTIA Security+ Training Certification Course
The certification exam is targeted at professionals with at least two years of networking experience and possess a thorough knowledge of TCP/IP. Those holding the certification have demonstrated the aptitude and ability to master such knowledge areas as: general security concepts, communications security, infrastructure security, basics of cryptography, and operational/organizational security.
It is recommended that the Security+ test candidate have the knowledge and skills equivalent of those tested for in the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams.

Training Curriculum contains the following
 Full Multi Media Training Course
 Certificate of Completion
 One Year of Free Upgrades of training course

CompTIA Security+ Certification Course Outline

  • Control Fundamentals and Security Threats
  • Network Protocols, Attacks, and Defenses
  • Creating Secure Networks and Performing Security Assessments
  • Network and System Security Mechanisms
  • Remote Access and Wireless Security
  • Authentication, Biometrics, and Security Controls
  • Securing the IT Environment
  • Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructures
  • Securing Applications, Virtualized Environments, and Cloud Computing
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Security Training, and Forensics