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Lotus Notes End User 7.0 Training    

Lotus Notes 7.0 Training Course is designed to teach the basic features of the Notes client and compose and send e-mail.
You will learn to customize mail settings, communicate using instant messaging and save contact details. In addition, you will learn how to create and manage databases and how to use the calendar, personal journal, and to do list for information management and scheduling and how to access Lotus Notes databases from remote locations

Basic knowledge of computers, basic keyboard and word processing skills, and a basic familiarity with the Internet

Your Lotus Training Course for End User includes the following
 Nine hours of interactive training
 Hands-on Labs - a perfectly simulated, real-world environment to test skills without risk. 
 Engaging course demos and real-world examples
 Review Questions

You will learn the following:
Getting Started

 identify the main features of the Notes client and navigate the Notes 7 interface.
 perform basic tasks within a Notes database.
 use the appropriate Help feature in given scenarios.
 perform basic tasks within Lotus Notes 7 in given scenarios.
 recognize how to create and send e-mails in given scenarios.
 manage mail in given scenarios.
 send mail and respond to incoming mail in given scenarios.

Managing Mail, Instant Messaging, and Contacts
 select mail preferences and create stationery in given scenarios.
 use rules to filter mail and create an automatic out-of-office reply for incoming mail.
 manage incoming mail, configure mail preferences, and compose and send a memo in a given scenario.
 recognize how to log on and participate in Instant Messaging and how to manage your online status. 
 use Instant Messaging to communicate with online users in given scenarios.
 add contacts and groups to the PAB.
 manage contacts and groups in Lotus Notes 7.
 add contacts and groups to the Instant Messaging Contact List in given scenarios.
 save mail and Instant Messaging contacts in given scenarios.

Working with Databases, the Calendar, and the To Do List
 recognize the features of a Notes database and create a database in a given scenario.
 create a TeamRoom database in a given scenario.
 recognize how to format and edit documents in given scenarios.
 create a database and format a database document in a given scenario.
 recognize how to use the Calendar effectively and how to set reminders in given scenarios.
 recognize how to use the Calendar tools to coordinate and plan group meetings.
 use the Calendar to schedule and respond to meeting invitations in given scenarios.
 create personal and group To Do and Personal Journal entries.

Using Lotus Notes 7 Remotely
 recognize how to configure the Notes client for remote access in given scenarios.
 create and manage replicas in given scenarios.
 access Lotus Notes mail from a remote location in a given scenario.
 access and manage mail with Domino Web Access (DWA).
 open and synchronize the mail database with Domino Web Access (DWA).