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SAP ERP Architecture Training Tutorial

Included in the SAP Project Team Bundle
The SAP ERP architecture has evolved and been refined over a number of decades. This course primarily discusses the client-server architecture in the context of work processes, SAP R/3 instances, and system landscapes as well as the NetWeaver components that have been introduced to extend R/3 capabilities. It explores how the various SAP systems can be configured to fit your business needs and budget. This course focuses on the use of SAP R/3, and offers additional information about the upgrades offered in SAP ERP 6.0, particularly the evolution of the R/3 architecture to web services, or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SAP ERP Architecture Includes:
interactive lessons Interactive full multi media training lessons
practice exercises Course contains interactive exercises to practice one's skills
review questions Review Questions
no software required to view training Does not require SAP software
printable lessons Printable transcripts of all lessons

This program will instruct you to:

  • Match components of the SAP R/3 application layer with their functions
  • Determine which SAP R/3 configuration is most appropriate in a given scenario
  • Determine which components are applicable at different layers of the client/server architecture, in a given scenario
  • Associate the components of work processes with their functions
  • Recognize how work processes function in SAP R/3
  • Determine the SAP R/3 system landscape and its associated R/3 instances in a given scenario
  • Determine which NetWeaver configuration will meet given business needs
  • Identify which NetWeaver components will address given business needs
  • Define an SAP landscape for a given scenario