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AutoCAD 2010 Training AutoDesk  Course  

With over 510 individual lessons, our AutoCAD 2010 Training DVD, will help you learn to design and shape the world around you. With the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD 2010, this popular design and documentation software is one of the world's leading 2D and 3D CAD tools. Speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and explore ideas more intuitively in 3D. Our AutoCAD 2010 training on DVD, provides the ultimate in flexibility, as you learn at your own pace with this training dvd. It's time to take design further.

It's time for  AutoCAD 2010 Training, to provide  More Power, More Innovation
With our AutoCAD® 2010 training dvd you can tackle your most challenging problems with ease. Learn how to create almost any shape imaginable with free-form design tools, cut revision time and keep everything connected with parametric drawing, share your ideas as PDF, or bring them to life with 3D printing. Nothing takes you from idea to reality faster than our step-by-step training dvd .

AutoDesk AutoCAD 2010 Course Outline Details
Getting Started   
    Initial Setup       
    New Features Workshop       
    Application Menu       
    Dialog Box - Fundamentals       
    Palettes - Fundamentals       
    Toolbar - Fundamentals       
    Starting a New Drawing       
    Saving Drawings        
    Open Drawings     
    Quick Access Toolbar       
    InfoCenter Toolbar       
    Status Bar - Drawing Aids       
    Application Status Bar - Tray Settings       
    Drawing Window       
    Drawing Window - Multiple Drawings       
    Model and Layout Tabs       
    Command Line       
    Using the Mouse - Fundamentals       
    Interface Components 

Drawing Basics   
    Drawing Lines 
    Repeating the Last Command        
    Command Options   
    Drawing Arcs - 3-Point Concepts       
    Drawing Arcs - 3-Point Options       
    Coordinate Systems    
    Erasing Objects - Picking       
    Selection Sets
    Drawing Rectangles ions       
    Undo and Redo Commands       
    Drawing Circles    
    Controlling Selection Settings       
    Status Bar
    Polar Tracking - Absolute Angle Measurements       
    Status Bar - Polar Tracking Absolute       
    Polar Tracking - Relative Angle Measurements       
    Object Snaps Concepts       
    Options - Object Snap System Variables    
Display Control   
    Status Bar - Zoom and Pan       
    Pan - Ribbon Panel       
    SteeringWheel - 2D       
    Tiled Viewports - Creation       
    Tiled Viewports - Named       
    View Manager - Restoring Named Views       
    View Manager -Editing and Updating Named Views       
    View Manager - Creating Named Views    
Managing Layers   
    Layer Concepts       
    Layer - Current       
    Layer States 
    Layer States - Linetype       
    Layer States - Plot/No Plot         
    Layer States - VP Freeze       
    Layer States - New VP Freeze
    Layer Property Manager - Palette       
    Layer Property Manager - Columns  
    Layer - New  
Object Properties   
    ByLayer and Object Property Concepts       
    Modify Properties - Property Panel and Layer Panel       
    Modify Properties - Quick Property Panel       
    Quick Property Panel Display Properties       
    Modify Properties - Properties Palette      

Utility and Inquiry Tools   
    Measure Tools        
    Quick Calculator       
    Object Selection Filters       
    Quick Select      

Complex Objects   
    Polylines - Property Concepts       
    Drawing Polylines      
    Drawing Donuts       
    Drawing Polygons 
    Editing Polylines      
    Explode Polylines       
    Drawing Ellipses 
    Point Styles      

Annotation Objects   
    Annotation Objects - Concepts       
    Annotation Scaling       
    Creating Single-Line Text       
    Single-Line Text Justification       
    Creating and Using Text Styles       
    Modifying Text Styles       
    Multiline Text       
    Multiline Text Justification       
    Editing Text Objects       
    Editing Text Objects Using the Properties Palette       
    Performing a Spell Check       
    Finding and Replacing Text       
    Creating Tables       
    Controlling Table Appearance Using Table Styles       
    Editing Text Within a Table       
    Modifying Tables       
    Linking Data in Tables       
    Working with Fields       
    Hatches and Gradient Fills - Concepts  
Modify Objects - Manipulation Commands   
    Overview of Manipulation Commands       
    Using the Move Command         
    Using the Copy Command        
    Using the Mirror Command       
    Controlling Text Display with the Mirror Command       
    Using the Array Command  
    Using the Rotate Command       
    Using the Rotate Command with Reference       
    Using the Offset Command       
    Using the Align Command      

Modify Objects - Alteration Commands   
    Overview of Alteration Commands       
    Break At One Point       
    Break Between Two Points       
    Break - Application Example       
    Trim - No Extend Pick Selection       
    Trim - No Extend Fence Selection       
    Trim - Extend       
    Extend - No Extend and Extend       
    Extend and Trim Together       
    Extend and Trim Together - Application Example       
    Fillet - Radius        
    Fillet - Radius with Polylines       
    Chamfer - Distance and Angle       
    Chamfer - Distance with Polylines       
    Scale - Reference     
Modify Objects - Grips   
    Grip Concepts       
    Grip Types       
    Grips - Stretch       
    Grip Arguments        
    Grip - Application Example       
    Grip Options - Selection Settings Grips       
    Grip Options - Selection Modes    
2D Parametric Drawings  Applying Geometric Constraints 
    Overview of Parametric Drawings       
    Display of Geometric Constraints       
    Applying Geometric Constraints        
    Removing Individual Geometric Constraints       
    Applying Auto Constrain       
    Auto Constraint Settings       
    Applying Dimensional Constraints       
    Converting Dimensions into Dimensional Constraints       
    Dimensional Constraint Settings           
    Parameters Manager       
    Changing Dimensional Constraints Using Grip Editing  

    Dimensioning Concepts       
    Associative Dimensions       
    Linear Dimensions - Horizontal and Vertical       
    Aligned Dimensions       
    Linear Baseline Dimensions       
    Linear Continued Dimensions       
    Angular Dimensions       
    Angular Baseline Dimensions           
    Arc Length Dimensions       
    Jogged Dimensions       
    Ordinate Dimensions       
    Adding and Modifying Dimension Text       
    Changing the Location of Dimension Components       
    Adjusting Spacing Between Dimensions       
    Breaking Dimension and Extension Lines       
    Jogging Dimension Lines    
Interface Customization  
    What are Tool Palettes?       
    Controlling Tool Palette Display       
    Using Palette Tools       
    Creating Palettes       
    Palette Tool Properties       
    Creating Palette Tools        
    Customizing the User Interface
Print and Plot Preparation   
    Print and Plot Concepts       
    Drawing Spaces: Model and Paper       
    Choosing a Printer       
    Placing a Title Block on a Layout         
    Creating Viewports       
    Setting a Layout Viewport Scale       
    Controlling Viewports Display       
    Placing Annotation on a Layout       
    Printing the Drawing       
    Plot Options and Orientation       
    Plot Style Tables      

Blocks and Attributes  
    Block Concepts       
    Creating Blocks from Existing Objects       
    Understanding Block Properties       
    Changing Block Properties       
    Using Blocks within a Drawing       
    Using Multiple Blocks at Once       
    Exploding Blocks into Objects       
    Changing the Insertion/Reference Point       
    Dynamic Blocks Concepts       
    Dynamic Block Examples       
    Creating Dynamic Blockss       
    Editing Dynamic Blocks - Adding Additional Parameter
External References and Reusable Content   
    Reusable Content Concepts       
    Application Example       
    Attach and Detach       
    Load and Unload       
    Attach and Overlay       
    Bind and Insert       
    Attaching a DWF File as an Underlay  
External References and Reusable Content   
    Attaching a PDF File as an Underlay       
    Autodesk Seek
AutoCAD Utilities   
    Removing Unused Items       
    Checking for Drawing Errors       
    Changing the Display Order       
    Importing Files from Other Programs 
3D Basics   
    3D Concepts       
    The 3D Workspace       
    3D Viewing Tools - The ViewCube       
    3D Viewing Tools - 3D Orbit       
    3D Viewing Tools - View Presets       
    3D Viewing Tools - SteeringWheels       
    Visual Styles       
    3D Coordinate Systems       
    Dynamic UCS
Creating 3D Objects   
    Solid Box       
    Solid Cylinder       
    Solid Cone       
    Solid Sphere       
    Solid Pyramid       
    Solid Wedge       
    Solid Torus
Creating 3D Objects   
    Controlling Mesh Primitive Options       
    3D Helix
Modifying 3D Mesh Objects   
    Introduction to Mesh Editing       
    Smooth Object - Converting Objects into Meshes       
    Smooth More       
    Smooth Less       
    Refine Mesh       
    Add Crease       
    Remove Crease       
    Mesh Tessellation Options       
    Split Mesh Face       
    Extrude Mesh Face       
    Convert to Solid       
    Convert to Surface       
    Deforming a Mesh
Modifying 3D Objects   
    Using Gizmos       
    Mirroring Objects in 3D       
    Moving Objects in 3D       
    Aligning Objects in 3D       
    Rotating Objects in 3D       
    Arraying Objects in 3D       
    Scaling Objects in 3D       
    Editing Solid Primitives       
    Editing 3D Subobjects       
    Creating Composite Solids - Boolean Operations       
    Checking Solids for Interference