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Introduction to AJAX Development Online Training Course

With over 6 hours of interactive training, our online Ajax training curriculum (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) begins with the history of Ajax and outlines how it is commonly used in the development of dynamic web sites. Beginning with the fundamentals of Ajax, the course examines JavaScript's role in Ajax development, including objects, the Document Object Model, and events. The Ajax tutorials explore the specific techniques used by Ajax in web applications, including the XMLHttpRequest object, hidden frames, and dynamic script loading. As you proceed through the course, you will explore the important role that XML and CSS play in developing Ajax applications that interact with data sent from the server. In addition, you will discover some of the more common troubleshooting issues that may arise in Ajax applications. Finally, the curriculm will explore how web services and APIs can work together to add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort. Additional topics include the technologies that are used to enable Ajax applications to interact with a server's external data. It will examine the important role that ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and Ajax play in developing Ajax applications, and then explore how Ajax can access and utilize external data sent from a variety of sources. The course will move on to discuss JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and how frameworks and libraries can add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort.
Prerequisite: A good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, basic programming concepts, and general Internet development; programming experience would be an advantage

Ajax Basics

  • How Ajax is used in web applications
  • Technologies used
  • Application model
  • Developing a web application i
  • Create and destroy objects
  • Nodes in the DOM
  • Register events in Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers
  • Cross-browser approach to registering event objects
  • JavaScript when developing Ajax applications
  • XMLHttpRequest object
  • POST method to prevent a browser from caching content
  • Manage multiple XMLHttpRequest objects
  • Hidden frames
  • Inline frames
  • Dynamic script loading
  • Images and cookies 
  • Alternative request techniques

Ajax API Essentials

  • XMLHttpRequest object to retrieve an XML document from a server
  • Extract element and attribute values from an XML document 
  • CSS
  • Handle errors in JavaScript
  • DOM inspectors
  • Work with XML 
  • Toubleshooting tools
  • Characteristics of web services
  • Use an API
  • Create a mashup
  • Web service from an Ajax application
  • APIs to create a mashup

Applications and Server Communication

  • How Ajax and server-side technologies work together
  • Deploy an Ajax application in ASP.NET
  • PHP
  • Java servlets 
  • External data feeds
  • Feed reader
  • Server-side technologies
  • Extract external data
  • Create a news feed reader i
  • Characteristics of JSON
  • JSON and XML as formats for transferring data
  • JSON in an application
  • Server-side frameworks 
  • Client-side libraries