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Domino Lotus Notes User Training Course 8.0 End  

LLotus Notes 8 is the most recent release of IBM's messaging and collaboration software. Notes 8 has many features that help increase end users' productivity and manage scheduling, allowing them to streamline the way they work. The core component of the application remains its robust e-mail functionality. Our Lotus Notes training  course explores the updated user interface of Notes, and introductory topics on Lotus Notes Applications and using the built-in help system. Also included in the course are discussions on how to compose and send e-mail messages, as well as perform additional mailbox management tasks.

Lotus 8.5 Course
Lotus  Training Course  Includes the following

 Eleven hours of interactive Training
 Hands-on simulated Labs - a perfectly simulated, real-world environment to test skills without risk. 
 Engaging course demos and real-world examples
 Review Questions
 Choice of Online or CD-ROM deployment

Notes 8: End User Training Course Covers the following topics
Getting Started and Using Mail

How to log in, open an appropriate application, and log out 
Lotus Notes 8 applications and plug-ins with their functions 
How to navigate applications
How to set basic preferences for applications 
How to use the appropriate Help feature in a given scenario 
How to use the search functions to find information in applications and on the Web 
Open and navigate applications in a given scenario, using Search and Help functions to find information 
How to create, send, and recall mail using the mail application 
The functions of interface components in the mail application 
How to open and read mail, and use Notes Minder to announce incoming mail 
The appropriate way to reply to or forward a received mail message in a given scenario 
How to sort and search mail 
Mail Preference options and recognize how to customize the appearance of messages 
How to automatically manage mail by creating rules 
How to set up an out-of-office notification to automatically respond to incoming mail 
Create, read, respond to, and manage mail messages in a given scenario

Scheduling Events and Managing Applications
How to determine a user's level of access and identify what actions that user is authorized to perform 
How to create and organize applications 
How to navigate, read, and organize documents 
How to create Notes 8 documents 
How to modify documents using editing and formatting tools 
Identify the functions of TeamRoom documents and profiles 
How to create a response to a TeamRoom Main Document 
Application to fulfill a specified function, in a given scenario 
Create and edit documents within an application, in a given scenario 
How to create and display entries in the calendar application 
How to share scheduling information and determine the availability of invitees when scheduling events 
Appropriate approaches for responding to and managing incoming invitations 
How to create, manage, and modify meeting invitations 
Use the calendar and to do list applications to create, organize, and manage events in a given scenario

Working with Instant Messaging, Contacts, and Blogs
How to manage your instant messaging online status 
How to initiate a chat from within Lotus
How to save a transcript of an instant messaging session 
Instant Messaging to communicate with online users in a given scenario 
How to create and update Contact entries 
How to use the Contacts file to organize contacts and address messages 
How to enter or delete instant messaging contacts and groups 
How to organize and use instant messaging contacts 
Enter, organize, and use contacts in a given scenario 
How to set up a blog using wizards 
Distinguish between types of access that can be assigned for a blog 
How to create a new blog application 
Basic procedures for adding content to a blog 
How to contribute to and manage discussions on a blog 
Basic blog using wizards, in a given scenario 
Set up and manage a discussion on a blog, in a given scenario

Using Productivity Tools and Accessing  8 Remotely
Key areas of the productivity tool interface with their functions 
How to create new files and configure preferences for them 
How to open, save, and print a document with Lotus Documents 
How to edit and format a document using Lotus Documents 
How to enter and format data in a Lotus Spreadsheet file 
Options for processing and presenting data using Lotus Spreadsheets 
How to set up a master page for a Lotus Presentation 
How to edit notes and pages in a Lotus Presentation 
Modify and print a document in a given scenario 
Enter and process spreadsheet data, in a given scenario 
Modify an existing presentation by creating a master page, in a given scenario 
How to log on to Notes 8 through Domino Web Access 
Notes 8 functions that are available through Domino Web Access 
How to work offline with Domino Web Access 
How to choose and change the location the Notes 8 client will use 
How to replicate an application manually or set a replication schedule 
Alternative methods for accessing Notes while ensuring that data is replicated, in a given scenario