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AutoDesk Reactor Training Course on DVD
Reactor, is the dynamics solution solver for 3DS Max, opens the door wide for super realistic looking CG effects. Reactor allows the user to assign physical attributes to an object and animate them in such a way that makes it easier to control and simulate complex physical scenes. By assigning physical characteristics to these objects, one can model a seemingly complex interaction easily and accurately.
Our Reactor in 3DS Max training DVD gives the novice and experienced user a greater understanding of the tools offered to help make realistic interactive animations. Starting with simple but powerful tools such as rigid body collections and their interaction with other shapes in the scene, the nine lessons take you through a step by step explanation of each of the Reactor's features. We also give you some in depth understanding of how Reactor thinks and allows you to tweak environmental settings to provide some out of this world effects. With close to 6 hours of training, this is by far one of the most comprehensive training programs available for Reactor.

AutoDesk Reactor for 3Ds Max Training DVD Course Outline
Level 1 (2 Hrs., 53 Mins.)
Rigid Body Collections
Cloth Collections
Cloth Constraints
Soft Body Collections

Level 2 (3 Hrs., 2 Mins.)
Rope Collections
Deforming Mesh Collections