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AutoCAD 2004 Training  

AutoCAD 2004 2D Basics thoroughly examines drawing, editing, viewing and plotting in AutoCAD. You will find all of the essential material necessary to create 2D renderings in this concise and thorough presentation of AutoCAD 2004, 2 Dimensional Drawing Basics tutorial

With over 4.5 hours of instruction time, this series concludes with tutorials on drawing a floor plan and a steel part.

2D-Advance Training
2D Advanced Covers
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Also covers AutoCAD LT 2004 .
AutoCAD 2004 3D Basics gives an extensive introduction to 3D modeling with 3d wireframe, surfaces and solids. Coordinate systems, display control, 3D entity creation and editing are all explored in detail. This series concludes with tutorials on building solid and surface models.

AutoCAD 2004 3D Advanced brings the user to a level of proficiency to display their 3D model in paper space, represent sections, plan and elevation views, and plotting. In addition, the user will learn about updating solid views, building 3D blocks and inserting them,xrefs in 3D, and dimensioning in 3D.The technigues used in the creation of presentation drawings is also covered. Over 3 hrs of instruction.

Training  Covers
AutoCAD 2004 - 2D Basics
  Introduction to AutoCAD
  Starting a Drawing
  Introduction to XY Coordinates
  Polar Coordinates
  Lines and Points
  Command Window
  Drawing Aids, Snaps, Grid, Polar Tracking
  Object Properties
  Introduction to Layers
  Pan Zoom
  Construction Lines
  Selecting Elements
  Selecting Elements - Windows
  Modify Toolbar - Erase
  Modify - Copy and Other Selection
  Modify - Move
  Modify - Mirror
  Modify - Rotate
  Modify - Scale
  Modify - Offset
  Modify - Array
  Modify - Lenghten
  Modify Trim
  Modify Extend
  Modify Chamfer and Fillet
  Modify Stretch
  Complex Drawing Elements - Polylines
  Complex Drawing Elements - Polygon
  Complex Drawing Elements - Splines
  Complex Drawing Elements - Ellipse
  Complex Drawing Elements - Rectangles
  Complex Elements Regions
  Point Divide
  Inquiry Toolbar
  Tutorial - A Steel Part
  Tutorial - A Floor Plan

AutoCad 2004 3-Dimensional Training
Introduction to 3D
Introduction to User Coordinates
More on Ucs
Views in 3D
2D Elements in 3D Space
Geometric Shapes in Surfaces
2D Solids and 3D Faces
3D Surfaces -revolve ruled edges
Introduction to Solids - box
Introduction to Solids - sphere
Introduction to Solids - cylinder
Introduction to Solids - cone
Introduction to Solids - wedge
Introduction to Solids - torus
Extrude for Solids
Revolve for Solids
Slice for Solids
Boolean Operations
Tutorial - Desk
Tutorial - Building
Tutorial - Wheel
Tutorial - Terrain Model

AutoCAD 2004 - 3D Advanced Training Course Curriculum
More Solid Editing
3D Blocks
Xrefs in 3D
Views of 3D models
Paperspace for 3D
Scaling viewports in paperspace
Dimensioning in 3D
Pespectives views
Global tool settings
Hidden line and Shading
Sun lighting
Render Settings
Scenes and Images