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SAP Overview Solutions Training Tutorial Course

Included in the SAP Project Team Bundle
This course identifies the features and benefits of ERP, and provides an overview of SAP solutions and scenarios for application that will help you identify the SAP solution that's best for your business. This course focuses on the use of SAP R/3, and offers additional information about the upgrades and enhancements available in SAP ERP 6.0.

Overview of SAP Solutions training  includes
multi media Interactive full multi media tutorials
interactive exercises Course contains interactive exercises to practice one's skills
review questions Review Questions
software Does not require SAP software
printable transcripts Printable transcripts of all lessons

This course will include

  • Recognize why ERP has evolved as the leading business software solution
  • Associate ERP features with the benefits they provide to an organization
  • Identify the features of mySAP ERP
  • Distinguish between releases of the SAP ERP solution
  • Recognize the benefits and functionality of a given SAP solution
  • Associate SAP solutions with the business needs they address
  • Determine which features of the mySAP ERP solution will address the given needs of an organization
  • Select other mySAP solutions to meet the specified needs of an organization
  • Recognize which mySAP ERP modules can be used to fulfill given business needs
  • Recognize which mySAP new-dimension products will fulfill given business requirements
  • Choose the appropriate mySAP Business Suite solutions to use in a given scenario
  • Recognize the functionality that a given mySAP module will bring to the organization